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You are not the one for me

Cause you’re the two 😛

The point of these jokes, no matter how lame they are, it’s an attempt to lighten someone’s day up. No matter the circumstances, jokes are there to make a person feel better. Somewhat like an escape from reality to me at least. Humor brings people together. The best thing that has happened to the world is you. The people that is in general. Yes there is war and conflict but when people are together we communicate. That’s the beauty of you. No matter how dull each day may be, talking to another person can help. No matter what language we may speak, what we look like, what age we are. There are seven billion of us, that’s seven billion friends.

A joke is a way to make someone happy. I challenge you to make anyone happy, maybe yourself, maybe someone else. My attempt at a joke was to make you happy.

You are awesome.