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This weekend, it’s been interesting. A personal time of reflection and what I want to do with my life. I really needed it. I don’t care if I fail my exams or school for that matter, I just want to be happy, but most importantly do something. The problems in life can be sad but as cliche as it sounds it’s not going to fix itself. To be humble with what you got is a start, judging if you are reading this the internet. I feel fulfilled for the first time probably in a long time, maybe the first. I have a sense, the sixth sense, that inspiring feeling and I can accomplish anything that I want. I’m pretty sure you can to, believe in yourself. Humans are more advanced than you think. Take a risk, a leap of faith, even if you fail I’m sure you will gain something. If you keep failing, then just make sure ‘it could have been worse’ and try again. Sadness can only be temporary. So can happiness.