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I have to say English is one of my most hated subjects. I mean is there a point to it, we all speak, we understand but to learn it at school is just weird. You have to analyse this and that, find techniques and it’s a bit much. They should focus on other aspects such as writing skills, essay structure etc, as techniques don’t require much ‘preparation’. Actually hate would be too harsh of a word but it’s still not the best of subjects. I would have to say I have the worse teacher, not fair, not lying though. She’s just bitter and too opinionated. Not trying to be mean but it has too change. I think I got in trouble three lessons in a row for pretty much no reason, but it is not a big fuss. She probably thinks that every student needs to try harder but when I received my exam back today I got a good mark. 13/15 isn’t too bad, even though I’m in standard English i was ranked 4th out of 100. Can’t say nothinggg. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved but I have to say thanks to my teacher for the help or teaching as you might say. Positive mind.