Think I forgot?

Apparently not, it has been more than two years since my last post. A lot has happened since then and more will in the future. Am I a better person? I don’t know, that’s up to you. Maybe I am the same.




It always amazes me when someone has the power to influence people. They are just a person themselves. Sometimes I think life is somehow predetermined…Why am I here in this position right now? I didn’t choose my parents or the country I was born in and this steamrolls from the beginning of my life till now. You didn’t get to choose either. I have no idea who I want to be or become. Life can be manipulated in actions that lead to contribution and greatness. I want that. It’s more important to me to feel the passion to drive my motivations in an activity though. I feel so lost, maybe I need a friend. A real friend.



Personally I’m a dreamer. I have aspirations and goals. I want to do. Sometimes I just sit, just thinking of all the great and soak in inspiration. It’s one thing to say and think but you have to do to live the dream. I hope one day I can fulfill them. You can too.


Jobs, most people have one. If it’s something you do that impacts the world through contribution I guess that’s a job. Some are just better than others. Depends on your interests. We are all just trying to live, live to be happy. A job is just part of life if you want it to be.

It’s Time

Been a while since I last posted something. It’s 9:32 pm right now and it’s time. Time for me to change something in my life. I want to do things. I want to be great. I’m not sure if I’ll get there but I will change. It feels different now. I think I believe in myself.